Challenging the recruitment industry with flexible working

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10th January 2023

Flexa Careers help people find truly flexible work, and help forward-thinking companies to stand out from the crowd. We're very excited to announce that we were recognised in their top 100 most flexible companies to work for. The flexibility policies of over 160 companies UK-wide have been challenged and assessed by Flexa, and we came 14th!

This calls for celebration!

Last night, our HR Director, Hannah Howe and Head of Marketing, Ksenia Molodych, made their way to London to celebrate our achievement, along with all the other companies who are leading the way when it comes to flexible working.

Whilst they enjoyed delicious canapés and fizz, Prof. Anthony Klotz (the inventor of the term “The Great Resignation”), shared insight on how the term “great resignation” came about and what it means in the concept of flexible working.

“We’re incredibly proud of being recognised for continuing championing flexible working not only within the recruitment sector but also amongst other progressive companies in and outside of the United Kingdom. Thank you, Flexa!” - Ksenia.

Challenging the recruitment industry with flexible working

How flexible working came about

Rewind 5 years and flexible working from home jobs barely existed. Office life was the norm, as were the standard 9-5 hours. Then this thing called COVID-19 happened and flipped the norm on its head. Although, we played with the concept of flexible working even before COVID times! Check out this video from our CEO, Pete, on why he introduced flexible working.

Many people chose to quit or change their jobs, or considered doing so in the near future, mainly because of the work and life changes caused by COVID-19 - and this was the great resignation.

Fast forward to today and flexible working is one of the biggest priorities candidates look for when searching for a job. 

What are the benefits of flexible working?


Flexible working means reaching perfect harmony and finding a good work-life balance is made easy. Work-life balance is becoming essential to happy and healthy employees who are more productive and engaged when they are at work. Working parents want to spend more time with their children, travellers want to spend more time travelling, gym bunnies want to spend more time in the gym… And rightly so! We don’t live to work… We work to live! 

Finding that balance between having an incredible career and an amazing personal life is improved when the employee has control over where and when they work.


survey from Wild Goose found that over 39% of the people surveyed who have flexible jobs see a noticeable improvement in their mental health. Similarly, almost 43% of people who do not have the option of flexible working, feel it would enable them to better manage their mental health.

Flexible working means employees can manage their health conditions in their own environment. This itself can boost wellbeing as there’s no pressure to put on a brave face and you can relax in your own environment. Commuting can be a stressful daily event so eliminating this enables employees to effectively manage their time better and have more control over their day-to-day. 


Flexible working can be hugely motivating for employees as it indicates trust and transparency between employee and employer. According to Dr Mark Winwood, a Clinical Director of Psychological Services, the more control any of us feel we have over our working lives, the better we feel about work. So having full control over your career means you’ll feel more positive and motivated.

Being able to choose where and when you work most productively means the employees are always working to their full potential, which in turn, boosts productivity. A Gartner digital worker experience survey found that 43% of respondents said that flexible working hours helped them achieve more productivity. ​

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