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Career Tracks

​Our purpose, as a leading international tech recruitment agency, is to build incredible futures, making sure that every single person has the opportunity to grow and develop a career they can be proud of. Our career tracks are intended to equip you with clarity and flexibility, enabling you to manage your career in a way that works for you. Your personal development will be managed consistently, no matter where you’re located.



As a consultant, you'll create and build a network of clients and candidates. Your focus will be delivering a single point of service and owning all aspects of the recruitment process.


Account Manager

As an Account Manager, you'll create and maintain relationships with our clients, enabling us to deliver an outstanding service through collaboration, unity and shared accountability with the rest of our team.



As a tech recruiter, you'll create and build a network of candidates and help them build an incredible career, whilst driving delivery and successful outcomes for our clients.


Central Services

Our Central Services teams are the backbone of all our operations. Whether you're new to Austin International, or would like to explore a career beyond a recruiter, there can be an opportunity to have an incredible career in Central Services. We will support your career progression wherever it takes you.

Incredible Journeys

Where will yours take you?

Gavin Stephens

"When I joined Austin International in 2011, I never imagined the financial freedom that I was about to gain that would go on to change my life. With uncapped commission and unlimited earning potential, I’ve been fortunate enough to support a fantastic lifestyle with my wife, as well as helping out my parents too."

- Principal Director

Gavin Stephens

Kayti Sanchez

I started with Austin Fraser with no tech recruiting experience and in my 4 years since joining, I've gone from Associate to Lead. It's truly changed my life and I feel empowered everyday! I love that I not only know what my career opportunities are but am supported by my managers and L&D's mentorship to help me get there! 

- Lead Consultant

Kayti Sanchez

Alexander Wenta

"I started off my career as a Learning & Development Consultant back in 2014 when we worked out of a shared office at Ludwigstraße. Sixteen months later, the business entrusted me with the opportunity to manage the Perm Team. Since then, I've had the honour of working with multiple teams and I’m now running Austin Fraser in South Germany as Senior Regional Director."

- Senior Regional Director, Munich

Alexander Wenta
Learning & Development

Learning & development

"To us, learning is like breathing.
We do it every day."


Amy Williams

“Our goal as a team is to support you to Iive your best professional life and to leave anyone that we work with better off than when we found them.”

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Amy Williams Global Learning & Development Partner

Meet the L&D Team

Amy Williams profile image
Amy Williams

Head of Performance Development (Global)

Christine Löprich  profile image
Christine Löprich

Technical Development Partner (Global)

Jody Couch profile image
Jody Couch

Technical Development Lead (Europe)

Joe Harris profile image
Joe Harris

Technical Development Consultant (UK)

Stephanie Andrä profile image
Stephanie Andrä

Technical Development Consultant (Germany)

Getoar Hajdini profile image
Getoar Hajdini

Technical Development Consultant (Germany)

Samantha Zapiain profile image
Samantha Zapiain

Onboarding Specialist (Europe)

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Join the team!

Emily WRight

"When you join Austin International, you receive all the essential training from the amazing L&D team. They go above and beyond to help prepare you for an incredible career. Once settled, you’re offered training and coaching to help you perform to the best of your ability."

- Brand Specialist

Emily Wright

kathryn pendrous

"The training and support here is fantastic, we have a great leadership and development teams across the board. Not only does the learning and training come from L&D, but also from the person sitting next to you."

- Manager

Cassandra Wolf Consultant


“The coaching did so much for my success. I’m really grateful to Jodi and Pati for the sales training because I didn’t have that much technique or strategy so that helped a lot. But also my team were there pushing me and making sure I had everything I needed in order to be successful.”

- Lead Consultant

Moritz Muller Consultant


From student to an incredible career

Callum O'Rourke
Matt Astley
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