#1 recruitment agency in the flexible working awards!

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11th January 2023

​In 2022, Austin International was ranked as the 2nd most flexible place to work in the Recruitment & HRTech industry, and the most flexible recruitment agency. We're delighted that we've been selected for this category again this year! We're also thrilled that our FlexScore has increased to 94%, thanks to our people for providing amazing feedback!

Flexa’s flexible working industry awards use thousands of data points to measure how flexible companies are in the market and look at areas such as locations, hours, benefits and the culture to ensure the company is offering a great working environment. Every flexified company is above and beyond the average flexibility offered and we’re delighted to be at the top of the mix!


So you’re probably wondering, “how did you make the cut?” Well wonder no more! 

Here’s everything you need to know about our flexible offering.

#1 recruitment agency in the flexible working awards!

Work when and where you’re most productive.

We love being ahead of the game! Remote working was on our radar LONG before this thing called “Covid-19” entered our lives. Not only did we want our tech recruiters to feel valued, engaged and trusted to get the job done, but we wanted them to fit their working week around their lives, and not the other way round.



“Especially since becoming a mum, our flexible working is a game changer for myself. It’s so much easier to combine family and work life. I can see my baby boy growing up, taking his first steps, getting to know the world whilst still following my own career goals in life.”

  • Managing Director, Germany.


 ​  ​  ​​​​​​PHOENIX HUDSON




“Austin International has given me an unparalleled opportunity. What's great about our flex appeal is, I have the Flexibility to be the best mom to my kids from pick-ups and drop-offs to sick days, I can be there for them. The best part is, I don't have to sacrifice my career in the process!”

  • Senior Development Technical Consultant, US

Benefits of flexible working for early birds and night owls:

For those early birds amongst us, FlexAppeal means you can start work whenever you’re most feeling refreshed, so you’ll increase productivity. So if you’re off to the gym at 5am (fair play!) or perhaps you enjoy the sunrise, you can start work as early as you like, meaning if you’re doing a standard 8 hour day, you’ll finish early too.

Don’t worry, we’re not forgetting those night owls too! Whether you’ve had a late night and could do with a few hours extra kip or maybe you feel more productive working later in the day, just log in when you’re feeling refreshed and ready to go! 

Benefits of flexible working for adventurous travellers:  

Flexible working doesn’t just mean working from home. Imagine being able to pack your bags and head off on your travels whilst still being able to work! We don’t mind where you decide to work… So if you’re off doing some city-seeing or visiting friends or family, just take your laptop with you and work around your personal commitments.



“Discovering the world and travelling is a huge passion of mine. That’s why I love being able to combine my work life with travelling. It’s great to be able to explore a new city and then work there for a couple of days after my annual leave. One of my favourite trips was to Amsterdam. I was able to work in a shared office so I was just as productive as at home but also able to meet new people.”

  • Director Contracts, Germany.




“I have a lot of friends and relatives all over Europe so what the perfect combination of FlexAway and FlexAppeal at Austin International allows me to do is to have more quality time with them whilst not losing focus on work.”

  • Head of Marketing, UK.

We’re all different, we’ve all got different needs.




“It's not about what time you clock-in or clock-out, or where you’re doing that, we should all have a choice. And that’s something I really wanted to be able to have and offer. 

We’re all different, we’ve all got different needs and also different obligations. It allows me to get the balance right in my life as much as I possibly can. My family is the most important thing to me and that's a fact! So I get to do my job at a high standard whilst giving my family what they need.”

  • CEO

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