A Day in the #LifeAtAF with Coco

Posted on:

1st February 2022

​"Happy Friday" I tell myself as I am rushing to the elevator in our office building. I know once I enter the doors of the office, it's showtime!!!

 Last Fridays of the month are always special in sales. My whole team has some good stuff on the go, processes we gotta close ASAP to make sure we stay on track for our next incentive - Cancun, baby!

 Always at my desk a couple of minutes early, gotta reserve some time to sip my black coffee while I am scheduling my day. Prioritizing is the key and asking myself "What will make this day be a good one?"

 Ok, got it, my goal for the day is to get feedback from one of the interviews happening yesterday and book the final round for Monday or Tuesday. The faster the process, the better. Hopefully, both my engineer and my manager are hyped about each other. 

 Oh, and I have to find another candidate for this super hard to fill role. I mean they already are interested in one of my people, but I need a plan B - you never know. Luckily, one of my candidates I placed 2 years ago called me to let me know that his friend is looking for a new opportunity and it sounded like he might be a fit for the role. I have a call scheduled with him this afternoon so fingers crossed!

 At lunch, I will go out and meet the CTO from this cool startup located in Uptown. I can't wait to get to know his story and see how we can find the right talent for him. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go with the team for our weekly lunch, but we'll grab a happy hour drink after work today anyways and I almost forgot: Sunday we will be grilling at our manager's house, damn, I hope it's not going to be as wild as last time!

 And as usual, I gotta go hunt for fresh prospects. I need to work on my new pitch, I want to make it something funny this time. At one of our last trainings we were encouraged to try this out: "Hi, this is Corina with Austin Fraser and yes, this is a sales call. Feel free to hang up anytime if you are not interested, I won't take it personal." I loved the idea! 

 Competition of the day: whoever gets the most leads tracked in the system, will get to leave the office 2 hours earlier. I could use that for a shopping session to spend all my commission on it.

 Oh no, I forgot!! I only have 1 more day to send my stuff to the marketing team. They are working on this super awesome new website for us and they asked me to write about a day in the life of a recruiter. They will not be amused if I ask for another deadline extension... but I don't even know where to start with, there's so much to say...

 Alright, it's time for our morning stand-up but why is everyone all of a sudden standing up? Ohhh, it's my trainee's deal tune, time to ring the bell!

 Every new day at work looks nothing like the previous day - you got to be able to enjoy this. I am so happy because I will never get bored in my job and I always get to meet all kinds of people. It's challenging at times, you have to be resilient, have excellent time management skills and be able to deal with chaos and so many unknown variable factors while working with people. My motivation? Becoming better day by day, learning from my mentors and coaches and being challenged, working with the most amazing people I know, get to see the world and build deep relationships with businesses and candidates.