Alice Scott profile image
Alice Scott

Chief Operating Officer

Jacob McCulloch profile image
Jacob McCulloch

Chief Revenue Officer

Susi Krieg profile image
Susi Krieg

Managing Director - Germany

Ash Dunbar profile image
Ash Dunbar

Managing Director - UK

Tom Chapman profile image
Tom Chapman

EVP of AF USA and AV Global

Richard Stenson profile image
Richard Stenson

Commercial & Legal Director

Amy Williams profile image
Amy Williams

Head of Performance Development (Global)

Ksenia Molodych profile image
Ksenia Molodych

Head of Marketing and Revenue Operations

Christine Löprich  profile image
Christine Löprich

Technical Development Partner (Global)

Jody Couch profile image
Jody Couch

Technical Development Lead (Europe)

Joe Harris profile image
Joe Harris

Technical Development Consultant (UK)

Stephanie Andrä profile image
Stephanie Andrä

Technical Development Consultant (Germany)

Getoar Hajdini profile image
Getoar Hajdini

Technical Development Consultant (Germany)

Samantha Zapiain profile image
Samantha Zapiain

Onboarding Specialist (Europe)